Rikki Tick | Havalon Piranta Edge
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Havalon Piranta Edge

This is a quick review of the Piranta Edge offered by Havalon Knives. When it comes to breasting out ducks it pays to have a sharp knife. The surgical scalpel that they include with this knife is perfect for this task. A replaceable blade that you can purchase replacements for in packs of 12 for less than $10. This knife is easy to toss into any blind bag and carry a pack of blades for. If you are looking for something that glides through the meat like hot butter then this is your knife. I prefer this over the Outdoor edge for ducks because the outdoor edge rail that holds the blade has a tendency to collect meat and other debris where this knife does not. Included with the knife is the blade removal tool and a couple blades. Additional blades and accessories like a gut hook, bone saw and others are available as well for other types of game. Hope this helps make quick work of cleaning your birds. Keep after em.

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