Rikki Tick | Ka-Bar 50th Anniversary Korean War Knife
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Korean War Knife

Ka-Bar 50th Anniversary Korean War Knife

During my time in service I received several items marking specific occasions. One such occasion was the Marine Corps Ball where these @kabarknives were gifted to attendees. This knife has only been out of the box a few times in the 20 years I have owned it. It is an awesome example of what was issued to the worlds finest fighters during the Korean War. Hand to hand fighting was fierce and these knives both saved and took a lot of lives. From 1950-1953 the United Nations (with United States as the primary participant) joined the ongoing war between North Korea and South Korea after 2.5 million people lost their lives. As China joined the fight in support of the North we supported the South to drive the invading army back across the 38th parallel. In July 1953 the fighting ended with Korea still divided into two hostile states. In 1954 negotiations could not produce an agreement to end the war, and the front line has been drawn ever since. The Ka-Bar was born during this war and this example has never been placed in the sheath or used in any way. It still retains the factory edge and is waiting for the right time to become part of a Korean War Veterans family.

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