Rikki Tick | Kimber Ultra Carry CDP II
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Kimber Ultra Carry CDP II

Kimber Ultra Carry CDP II

Kimber America makes the best concealable .45 around. The accuracy, even with a short barrel is impressive. I carried my Sig P229 chambered in .40 cal for the longest time, but when I started packing on the pounds it got to be cumbersome trying to conceal without printing or dragging my pants to the ground. I needed a slim light option that could give me what I needed for EDC. This Kimber is lighter and slimmer due to the 7 + 1 capacity and the single stack configuration. I carry one extra mag and I feel good about being prepared for the worst while walking around. I like the bigger ball of the .45 for knock down and penetration.

Combined with a leather lined Garrett Holster, the comfort is next level. These folks have made the most comfortable and silent holster I have ever worn. Prices are very reasonable also! 

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