Rikki Tick | Rikki Tick… Why?
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Rikki Tick… Why?

When you spend time in the military, in my case the Marines, there is a level of efficiency that you begin to expect out of everything you do. Even though I never deployed and was only in the reserves for my time in the service; I still am forever searching for ways to improve every aspect of what I do in life. The same goes for hunting. I have been an avid waterfowler since my father introduced me to it at the age of five.

there is a level of efficiency that you begin to expect out of everything you do.

I was about 7 or 8 when we began shooting skeet and going dove hunting. Carrying my grandfathers old dove stool and a box of shotgun shells; I thought I was a man out there hunting up some small birds. Time went on, and today I have an appreciation for many traditional old-school things that we have “always done a certain way” in the small West Tennessee portion of the Mississippi flyway that we continue to hunt today. I am also somewhat of a gear nut and am using this blog to review products, in real time as I use them in the field. This blog will discuss the stories of hunting, the gear that helped speed up my hunt-flow and the gear that did not make the cut. From time to time I will answer questions from the comments and in general try to help people become better hunters by sharing information. Happy Hunting – Dan

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